FOSS4G2019: State of Geomajas kind of presentation

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FOSS4G2019: State of Geomajas kind of presentation

Vasile Craciunescu
Dear Geomajas developers,

FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest is just around the corner and the first clear sign
is the imminent approach of the call for talks/workshops closing date.
Monday, the 15th is the last day when you can send your contribution to
the 2019 global FOSS4G. We have received great submissions so far.
However, as the global FOSS4G is the OSGeo flagship event, the BLOC
would be delighted to have all OSGeo projects represented in the general
track program, with the 'State of Geomajas' kind of talk. If you plan to
attend the Bucharest event this year, please consider to submit such a
talk [1]. Please let me know if more time is required.

Warm regards,
Chair, FOSS4G 2019

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